Weather Insights

SmartAg provides high resolution and localized weather data based on farm geolocation thus improved accuracy on forecasts and analysis of past trends.

Our 7-day weather forcast informs the farmer or field officer and helps them plan when to to carry out certain farming activities like planting or watering crops.

Our historical weather analysis charts a comparison against current year's weather providing an understanding of the deviation from the norm. A farmer can be able to tell whether he is receiving more than normal rainfall or whether the temperatures are above or below historical normals. This also helps inform decision on the crop to cultivate.

Agronomy Insights

SmartAg analyses stages of the crop using scientifically vetted agronomic models and raises alerts on pests and disease to look out for.

Our Current Status module uses Growth Degree Days (GDD) together with cumulative weather entities to estimate growth stages. This module informs about the next crop growth stage and highlights pests and diseases to look out for.

The Agronomy Insights module charts the growth stages of a crop and educates the farmer or field officer on best farming practices at specific stages. It offers an analysis of historical norms of precipitation and GDD in comparison with the current year's values. This helps a farmer understand crop needs such as moisture stress and act accordingly.

Data Management & Communication

Manage your farmer data from a centralized location, collect data or run a survey in real time using USSD and SMS to reach farmers on SmartAg. Download reports and analyse data for quick decision making.

Our Notifications module provides call center functionality for farmer support and uses SMS and Voice technology to deliver notifications and messages. It also helps send bulk SMS notifications to farmers in a single click.

Create surveys, send out invites and manage responses from your dashboard. Surveys could range from asking farmers the type of fertilizer they used to rating your extension services.

Meet The Team

Millicent Auma
Co-Founder, Content & Business Operations

Prof. Antony Kibe
Co-Founder, Agriculture professor & Consultant Agronomist

Benson Njonjo
Co-Founder, Software Engineer & DevOps

Daniel Mbeyah
Founder, Software Engineer & Product Development

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